Could not import .blend model IK problem

I gave the link of the tutorial about exporting blender model for jME3 to my 3D artist and he made an animated human with MakeHuman and Blender, but I could not import it.
jME3 SDK give me this error:
Constraint named: ‘IK’ of type ‘Inverse kinematic’ is not implemented and will NOT be applied!
And nothing is loaded :frowning:
Here is the model: Dropbox - humain - Simplify your life

I tried to export to OgreXML format but it does not save the textures and it exports only one animation :frowning: .


unfortunately JME doesn’t yet fully support the ik animations.

You’re going to have to reanimate with fk animations or “bake” the ik animations which result in fk animations.

For some reason my results with baking animations never turn out well. But it is useful if you’re not a modeler.

Sorry for the bad news,

But if someone knows something I don’t on how to get ik animations to work as is. I’d be happy to hear it too.

But as far as I know, fk only.

Ok ok :slight_smile:
I decided to try OgreXML, I found the way to fix the problem with material and fix a bug with animation, jME SDK have imported it really well, but now it could not load the material when I tried to use the .j3o that i created with jMonkeyPlatform in my eclipse project :frowning: is it a problem with package ?