Crazy Shadow – JME3 Android Game

Hi, I want to show my work on the development of a mobile game for Android using JMonkeyEngine 3.
When I decided to search for a 3D engine for mobile devices open source I decided to focus on JME3 and after many difficulties are still satisfied with the result.
For the distribution of the game I used the Beta version JME3 and not the nightly builds for some compatibility issues with some devices.

Crazy Shadow, the 3D puzzle game
Crazy Shadow is the 3D fast-paced and fun puzzle game! Try to rotate and drag shapes in the position of Their shadows without fail! Move the shape in the four directions up, down, left or right, and solve in succession all combinations of levels of the game.

Crazy Shadow is available for free on Google Play

This is a demo video of the game:

Thanks for any suggestions.