Creating a floor grid

Hello .

im tring to create a floor . (such as this one )

So far the only way i know how is by creating cubes with 0 hight and putting them together.

Is there any other/more efficient way to do so ?

Thank you for any advice!

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Try Quad instead, its pretty much one of the faces of a box.
You will have to do some rotation and translation to get it right however.
createGeometry method.

Of course you can simplify it a bit, depending if you want to have ‘grooves’ or just gaps or if you don’t need heights.

Above code assumes one big texture for everything. If you need per-square texture, you will need to complicate it a bit - solution would be to prepare texture atlas with all squares and then using proper tex coordinates for each square.


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Very sorry for the delay…
had lot of internet problems …

will try your solution and hope it will work :slight_smile: