Creating a menu


what is the easiest and fastest way for a beginner to create a in game or out game menu?? the more detail you give me the better because i’m really new at this.

thanks a lot.

Nifty GUI.

use swing, swing is faster for out of game gui.

Use jme3test.awt.TestCanvas

Stats :

Fullscreen : 1523 - 1777.

Window no gui : 1523 - 1777.

Swing : 1523-1777.

Nifty : 571-615.

Nifty only (1 button) : 914 - 969.

Working as expected, swing doesn’t have to update its canvas every update like nifty has.

Using swing is not a good idea as its got its own update thread and managing two parallel threads that basically don’t know about each other is a pain architecturally, also you cannot really combine the swing and canvas contents. Also, NiftyGUI performance will be improved by multithreading and buffering in the future, swing integration will not improve… :wink:

You can create the menu in Swing however it will use regular buttons, labels, etc. Nifty GUI on the other hand, provides you a nifty button, nifty label, etc. Nifty is more nifty.