Creating an Abstract Basic Game Extension

I am trying to make an extension of the BasicGameState and am trying to make it basically initialize all the big stuff for me(a root node, the standard game/window, input), and I made a class for it. Here is the source:

public abstract class BasicGameState2 extends BasicGameState {

    boolean printed = false;

    public InputHandler input;

    public static StandardGame game;

    BasicGameState2(String name) {





But when I try to make another class extending this, I get it telling me there is no constructor. IF this might have something to do with my whole class(didn't post it to save space, not that big though), I'll post it. Please help.

You may need to make BasicGameState2's constructor public or protected (your choice), depending on if your extending class exists outside of the same package as BasicGameState2.

Well, I figured out enough to figure out I needed to get rid of the parameter in the constructor(made a variable for it). It works now, but does not accomplish the mission. I just gave up and left it as a state, although if someone could tell me how to do it that would be great.

I solved my problem, next time I will remember to struggle more with my problems first.