Creating Camera Navigation Controls

Hello everyone! I’m new here. Before I go into details it would be great if a mod could change my name to “TomSan23” I guess I was typing a bit fast and forgot the “n”

Anyway, I’ve been reading up on everything I can for the past week or so, but it appears I’m stuck at the very beginning: camera navigation. I’m looking to basically replicate the controls provided for the Scene Composer in the SDK. Before I waste another day messing around with it (although I’ve read a lot in the process of looking for the answer), could anyone steer me in the right direction? Any example code would be great as well.

To clarify I would like to do this…
Right Click: drag scene/camera
Center Click: Orbit
Center Scroll: Zoom

I look forward to your responses.

Your user name cannot be changed anymore, you’re stuck with it unless you create another account.

you can look at the SDK code, there is an AbstractCameraController that manages the movements in the scene.

there might be lots of things useless for your case in this class, but that something you can look into.

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Wonderful! This appears to be what I need exactly. I’ll let you know if I get the result I would like. That’s a shame about the name thing. Maybe I’ll create another account. Thanks for the help nehon!