Creating collision shape from Inkscape

I want to create a collision shape from Inkscape. So I open Inkscape, draw a shape and save the svg. Then I edit the svg and remove the “mm” because blender don’t like them.

Then I open it on blender, save, convert to j3o and load ingame. The collision works, but the shape has 10x the vertices it should have. This is because is a curve. So in Blender I convert “Mesh from curve”, but the resulting mesh cannot be converted into j3o file.

These are the files:

Well thats just how it is, a GPU renders triangles, not curves.

I’ve converted “From curve TO mesh”, not the other way round… did I do something wrong? Thanks!

A curve has two points and info about the shape of the arc. To make a curve with straight lines you need an infinite amount of straight lines…

The shape I made on inkscape did not have any curve to begin with, but is blender that imported it as a curve (while in truth is only a polygon with a bunch of vertices), and added a lot of unnecessary vertices in the process.

Now I’m trying to correct this mistake and have in jme the 4-5 vertices shape… instead of having the same shape but with 40-50 vertices.