Creating HeightMap for TerrainGrid?

I’m getting pretty far on this project.

I have a working terraingrid that uses a heightmap via imagetileloader in order to generate an endless terrain. A common problem is that you end up getting a hill cut off at the edge of the map and then, once you move onto the next part of the terraingrid, you stare into utter oblivion. I followed this tutorial in order to make a heightmap of a blender plane that I made that “connects” to itself at its edges. In other words, it will link to the next part of the terraingrid smoothly.

The problem is that the image doesn’t seem to be properly loading into the game engine. When I load the image, a terrain just isn’t generated. The image looks like it should work, but there must be some sort of subtle reason that it isn’t.

I’m sure this problem has been encountered before. Nobody wants an endless, flat terrain. We want to give it some dimension.

Does anyone have an ideas as to how I should make the parts of the terrain interconnect?

Thanks a whole lot in advance. Your help has helped be get so far into my project!