Creating models (with Blender?)

Hi guys,

I am a Newbie… So sorry for the stupid questions following. Just a pointer to the documentation should be sufficient in most cases…

I am creating a project for a customer where I try to visualize some technical stuff. Just a (more or less) static scene that shall be navigatable.

Therefore I need several models. Of course I could create them using Java Code, but I’d prefer to create them with a tool that is easier to use.

I have taken a look at blender. It seems to do what I want to. But I couldn’t figure out, how to get my models into JMonkeyEngine. There are several tuts out there, but they seem to be based on jme2.

I have read about Ogre XML - but mainly related to animations… When I try to import a model stored as ogre.xml (mesh), it results into a NPE (something related to Animation, don’t have the stacktrace here…).

So could someone give me some hints for a simple workflow for creating some simple models?

  • Blender → ogre.xml → ???
  • OpenFX → ???

    Maybe some hints regarding units? What about the rotation points? Any best practices?

    Thanks in advance,


If it’s a static scene you can try to save it to wavefront .obj.

JME3 can load obj files.

but for further information to load ogre files into jme i recommend the Stephen Jones’ tutorials that you can find here :