Credible graphics

Hi is there any way to make a realistick graphics? I tried to use photos as textures for basical things like walls and other stuff , they seems pretty real in blender ,but when it comes to Jm they seems not mutch real,i use Directional light

Pics or it didn’t happen. Might help. I cannot judge what I cannot see.

hard to upload an image here ,i only know i place to use when i need upload zip file

@angel999 use imgur and copy the URL of the photo it will appear like this:


Sure there is. Just like any other good engine, jME gives efficient access to the graphics hardware, and it also supplies quite a few pre-made materials (including state-of-the-art PBR). What you do with that is entirely up to you. How good your game looks depends on a lot of things, including your artwork. If you put crappy artwork in Unreal Engine, your game will look crappy. Same with jME - the result you get depends entirely on how much effort (and quality artwork) you put into making it look good. Even if the materials built into the engine aren’t suitable for your use, there’s nothing hindering you from writing your own shaders and making your own. Graphics quality depends far more (almost entirely) on the programmers/artists making the game and very little on the engine itself.


I was more concerned as to why they are as required in blender but not in-game.

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Yeah, until OP learns to post images on the internet we may want to wait to provide further input.

Else this turns into one of those “Tell my why your engine doesn’t suck” threads that wastes a lot of time other than making the original poster feel important for stirring up so much activity.

@angel999 if you want to be a productive member of this community and get good answers then you are going to have to start posting good questions that don’t require 50 follow up messages just to find out what you really mean.

Otherwise, I have a simple answer to your simple question:


And until further information is provided, that is the only answer you should get.


It could also help to mention what features / effects your’e using in blender, since a lot of blender’s fancy features aren’t optimal or supported for use in a game.

Actually i just wanted some general advices oh what and how to do properly ,as for now i just get a photo ,Uv map it in blender over a model and then import it …Soo i suppose i’m not doing mutch of what should be done ,and thats why wanted even some really general advices ,any way ill try to post some images from Jm (of my objects) ,but i just think it will be easy’r to start from scrap then to recover,exept at least there some thing i can do with an imported Blender object once it inside Jm more then pointing a light (i hope there is ) and this is what i needed to know .Sorry for hurting your feelings was not my intention to critizise your ingine or to hurt you.

Well these are the general things to look up:

For your models:

  • normal maps
  • environment maps
  • glow maps
  • emission maps
  • proper material settings and shaders they use (you’re not gonna get far with the materials set up in blender only)

For your in-game scene:

  • directional light shadow renderer
  • ssao filter
  • bloom filter (one that uses multiple mipmaps that’s on the forum somewhere, not the default jme one which is very low quality, albeit fast)
  • lens flare filter
  • HDR
  • fog filter
  • gamma correction filter
  • many other filters from the shaderblow lib and other random ones

Assuming you’re used to stack overflow, things work a bit differently on this forum. Here nobody is trampling each other to answer a question since it’s nobody’s job to. Well, except when someone gets triggered on something like just now. Takes a moment to realize that and readjust the way you ask questions.


Thnx ,i will try to apply (at least some thing ,im pretty new on graphics)

I’ll say it for what it’s worth (though I know I would ignore myself when I started out): realistic/super high quality (whatever you want) graphics are extremely difficult and often not worth it. Even the seemingly simple parts take forever especially if you work alone.

This is okay if you’re making say one very small enclosed area, but if it’s something bigger it’s a lot easier to adopt a “stylized” look that lends itself to making your life easier.