Cube.material in blender export

I’m trying to export a cube using ogre exporter in blender.
I’ve got blender 2.64a and these are my settings of the exporter

It gives me a .mesh.xml file but no .material file.
Does anyone know why ?

just use the blender importer :slight_smile:

by blender importer you mean directly import .blend files?

by doing that materials will be imported too ?

(Thank you)

yes, but i normally keep them external, and apply them in j3m files

Ok ok thanks, gonna try that !

Materials are mainly just references to textures, theres not much you need to preserve, don’t jump through hoops to get them over. The texture coordinates are in the mesh and theres not many material settings apart from the textures that get translated anyway.

Ok thank you.
But one more thing. for models which are used in terrain editor to build a scene, how can I apply textures to them ?

I just discovered the material editing system : GREAT !

Thank you !