Cubes Framework

Hi i was woundering how i would add my own textures to set on blocks.
settings is: CubesSettings settings = new CubesSettings(this);
this line does not work: blockTerrain = new BlockTerrainControl(settings, new Vector3Int(1, 1, 1));
but when i use this:
blockTerrain = new BlockTerrainControl(CubesTestAssets.getSettings(this), new Vector3Int(1, 1, 1));
it works?
i dont quit understand how to make a textureAtlas in the framework like the jme textAtlas doesnt work and the wiki on it doesnt show me how to use my own settings and load my own textures(far as i know).

so my question is:
How do i use my own settings and load TextureAtlas’s into my BlockTerrainControl

It’s directly linked on the wiki page:
1.) Settings ← start here
2.) Register Your Blocks
3.) Build Your Block World ← don’t start here

The test settings are just:

public static CubesSettings getSettings(Application application){
    CubesSettings settings = new CubesSettings(application);
    return settings;

Okay Thanks. i would have peaked in the source code to try to figger it out but i useing eclipse and i couldnt find the src package for that.

Does all the sprites in the sprite sheet have to be the size they are in the testAssets sheet? or is there a way i can change how big they are?

Read the code?
If you have trouble accessing the source with an alternative IDE (i.e. setting up your project correctly), you probably shouldn’t be using an alternative IDE…


Well i couldnt find the src in my plugins folder… remember its only av on the jme plugin repo
@destroflyer: You could include the source in the plugin so that right-click → Navigate to source works.

My local new version of Cubes (with greedy meshing support) has a setting for the textures count. The latest published one (that you are using) only supports 16x16 textures. They can be of any resolution though as long as they are all the same size and arranged in a 16x16 grid.

Okay. when abouts are you coming out with your new version?

Maybe at the end of September, when my exams are finished. The Cubes update doesn’t have a high priority on my to-do list, but I will definitely publish it in the future. I just don’t want to make any promises on the date :stuck_out_tongue:


Update coming?