Cubes plugin unwanted culling

I am building another voxel game and I am trying to use the Cubes engine. However, when I use it with JME3 simple water, I believe that the cubes library MIGHT think that the water is an opaque mesh and therefore thinks that it should not draw that part of the cube. However, it could be a case of the water not refracting the light properly. I mesed around with the waterprocessor’s refraction and transparency and that did not change anything visually.

simple water:

Here is a screenshot of the culling issue. It looks pretty silly!

I am kinda stuck since I can’t even access any deeper parameters in either the water class or the cubes class…how do i fix this?

For clarification, the cubes that are totally above or below the water level are fine. The cubes that are at the same level as the water are problematic: only the half that is above the water is drawn at all!

EDIT: Solved it by using a water filter instead of a water quad! Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.


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