Cull front and back faces problem

I enccountered a big problem when i chagend my mesh’s material face cull mode to front and back. If i do wall.getMaterial().getAdditionalRenderState().setFaceCullMode(FaceCullMode.Front);



it works good, but if i do


don’t works. See yourself :

FaceCullMode.Back :

FaceCullMode.Front :

FaceCullMode.FrontAndBack :

And i have other problem too :slight_smile: , when i apply tangent binormals to my mesh in scene composer one of the faces disappear. See yourself :

You have only one directional light in your scene maybe?

I have only a PointLight in my scene.

My 2º Problem was Solved, i already encountered the solution for this. The problem was that i pressed the Texture Face’s shadow button of my UV Texture in blender, it caused shadow to the face.

Now i want to solve my first problem

that all faces of my mesh disappeared :)

Yeaahh, my 1º problem was solved too, i just added a DirectionalLight (had just a PointLight) to my scene and chaged the cull mode to Front and it finally worked perfectly :slight_smile: ! See Now :

i just didn’t got it why it just worked with FaceCullMode.Front and not with Back or FrontAndBack.

FaceCullMode.FrontAndBack means it culls both front and back faces. For two-faced materials you should use FaceCullMode.Off.


Yeah!!! It worked perfectly. Thanks for the information :slight_smile: .