Cups and Ball, my first Mini Ludum Dare game

Hi people,
I am posting this here because I thought maybe some of you would like to see what I have done in 48 hours for the Mini Ludum Dare 48 game contest.
I am planning an making this game for android as well.

I have finally completed my game for the Mini LD 48.
This was very exiting and challenging at the same time.

The game is a version of the age old table trick street game, Cups and Ball. In this game the player must follow the ball hidden under one of 3 cups. After a few shuffles the player must pick which cup contains the ball.

Don’t let your eyes deceit you under the facade of cups.

Please download here.

Some eye candy for those wanting to see it:


Hehe, cool. You didn’t sleep very much these two days?
Maybe it should be a little more difficult, the first 20 rounds are really easy.

->meaning: this is a strange Download that might cause damage.
I guess because there’s an .exe file in there? (Chrome)

EDIT: I’ll keep the game running for the rest of the evening, nice background music :slight_smile:

Jip, it is probably that.
Well I actually do. This weekend I slept probably 4 hours less than normal.

Thanks for the reply.

Score of 3180, round 62. :slight_smile:

It’s a really fun game, nice job with it!

However, just a small quirk, the game is kind of slow paced and easy until you get to about round 40ish,
other than that, it’s a well made and a fun little game.

Thanks for sharing it!

Cool, that score is brilliant.
How did you do that?
My Eyes / brain can’t go that fast.

Congrats, that’s a pretty neat game considering the amount of time you spent on it.
Very good work as usual!

Ah, thanks for the very kind words.
I just hope more people will notice jMonkeyengine…
That is one of my main goals developing in jME.

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Pretty simple, but fun game congrats.

As a tip (i assume the mini one acts the same), if you want more exposure you have to rate other games, its how LD works.

For my one, I had like 1 comment for 2 days, rated 2 games and got 3 comments within 3 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you be taking part in the april LD? I look forward!

How do I rate, do you have any idea?

I really want to yes!

oh wow, great work mate, well done =)

Thanks. Was really fun doing it.

@ndebruyn said: How do I rate, do you have any idea?

Make sure you are logged in, and click rate games / view all games. Go into a game, play it for however long and there should be a list of things you can rate with stars next to them.

Oh my, I have done that but there is no rate section.
Maybe one cannot vote yet?.. Mmmmm, I wonder…

hmm, I’m not sure, never done a mini one, maybe it’s more slack and gives people bit longer to submit or maybe you can’t even rate them? There’s only 69 people who submitted one, so it may be the organizers who pick and rate the games, worth checking any documentation about the event

Just got back from college and tried this out, It’s an awesome little game!! I particularity like the UI. It would make a good android app, have you considered that?

Round 40 first try what you saying?!

Hey nice. Thanks again for the kind words.
I actually spend some time today to make it android comparable.
It should be on the play store later this week.
Round 40 first try… WOW, nice shot…

@javagame said: It would make a good android app, have you considered that?

@ndebruyn said: I am planning an making this game for android as well.

… was the 3rd line of the original post …

I know. Thanks.