Current CVS and VertexProgram State

I might be missing something, but the current code in CVS breaks all demos/tests. During the initial setup of the scenes renderstates, apply is called on VertexProgramState causing a Null Pointer during it’s internal create call.

create is setting up the vertex state for vertex programs, even for those apps not using programs. Therefore, there is no program loaded, and a NPE occurs.

Oh damn… my fault. things being enabled by default requires more work than I thought, so I broke it with my latest commit of RenderState… fixing.

Ok, fixed and checked in, nothing to see here… move along. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a strange behavior. Should enabled render states break jME like that? I smell a bug somewhere.

No, its fine, it’s because the way the render state list works, it has to have default states. These states are not meant to be used. When I had enabled true by default, it was using these default states. I just had to set the default states to false when they are created.

Can you make Lights enabled by default.

I’ve fixed the NPE. Attempting to apply() on an unloaded VertexProgramState no longer causes an exception, merely a severe warning. I’ve also updated the corresponding test.