Current gradle path?

Hi i’ve added some time ago, but the page seems to be out of order :frowning:
Is there a new directory / domain in use?


I assume you mean just for the 2 libraries not already in jcenter? Because if you don’t need nifty or the java-only version of bullet then you don’t need that path. All of the other jars are in jcenter.

If you do need those two libraries then the temporary solution is to put the missing jars in a lib directory under your project and just add that as a file tree based dependency in your biuld.gradle file.

no i’ve got this message here:

Error:(248, 0) Could not find any matches for com.jme3:jme3-desktop:3.+ as no versions of com.jme3:jme3-desktop are available.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:

i’ve checked the jcenter dir manually - there seems to bee no jme3 path at all

You have the organization wrong. You are using the old one. On jcenter it’s org.jmonkeyengine because we don’t have the domain name.

Hey super :slight_smile: it works now - but not only the jbullet is missing - the jme3-ios too :frowning: - well this is fixable :slight_smile:


jme3-ios is actually a SDK Plugin anyway.
But since I have trouble with compiling avian, someone has to try his luck in compiling it, so we could publish the Plugin (when the servers are up again)