Current State of VR Support?

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I’ve taken my first look at the Samsung Gear Oculus in the past few hours and I was more than impressed with it.

I’ve seen in previous posts suggesting possible Oculus support?

What is the current State of VR in JME?

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Direct oculus support is deprecated since some time back.
I have the repo here but it’s not maintained. I think the last supported version was 0.7.
You can probably run Oculus VR through @phr00t’s jMonkeyVR. I’m also interested in getting some feedback on my fork of it (the main feature is it runs as an appstate rather than application), so I’ll mention it as well

Since you ask for the general state of VR, here are some more options:
Google Cardboard support Should work well with the Samsung Gear, but it’s not Oculus drivers. It’s not updated with the latest Google VR stuff.
OSVR support WIP. Probably not of interest if you wish to run it on Samsung Gear, but there are plugins for Vive and Oculus as well as an Android NDK.

In relation to the Samsung Gear it claims to be “Powered by Oculus.” Do you believe that phroot’s library would be better or the Google Cardboard support be better for this?

I haven’t looked seriously yet into VR development but after my experience I can’t deny that this is going to the future.

It looks to me right now that the Gear priced at $99 and compatible with Samsung S6 and S7 as well as the Note 5 makes it the most reasonable and capable VR device.

I also encourage those people who haven’t tried this device to give it a try. I extremely impressed with it.

I somehow forgot that jMonkeyVR is a desktop plugin, and Samsung is of course running Android.
In that case I think the cardboard route is the only option. On the plus side, your application will be compatible with many more devices, but you won’t be able to use the Samsung Gear API.
I haven’t worked much with the cardboard plugin lately, so it’s not compatible with the changes that Daydream has brought on. You’ll need the 0.6 version of cardboard, maybe higher versions will work too, but not googlevr.

Yeah reading through some of Samsung Gear Developer stuff it looks fairly closely linked to Android and the way it worked with the Gear device seemed similar to the cardboard functionality (An application run on the phone then plugged into the headset)

I’ll take a look at getting started with Google Cardboard to see if I can get going that far.

After using the Samsung Gear I feel really driven to get one.

Hopefully these examples will get you started.

Edit: I noticed that cardboard.jar is in the repo. I think that libprotobuf-java-2.6-nano.jar is also required. If you have trouble finding it, I’ll commit that too.