Custom InputHandler


I'm trying to add a custom input handler that has two modes: one normal just like FirstPersonInputHandler and one which captures keystrokes to implement an input line for a chat system.

This is the input handler:

The problem is that the keystroke "w" which is bound to a move forward is also executed in capture mode and according to the debug it seems this is outside of WomInputHandler.

This is a sample debug session:

For me this looks like InputHandler.update() is called somewhere instead of WomInputHandler.update().

I'm having a look at the input system today. Some things may get revamped. I'll post back here afterwards…

Ok, the stuff you need is done (other changes to InputHandlers are still pending, though). As posted here I want to put it into cvs today.

Changes are in. Have a look at the source of FirstPersonHandler to see how InputHandlers should look like, now.