Custom Rendering

Hey everyone so I am trying to render a chunk of boxes (15x15x15) and I have no problem doing so but I want to optimize it to reduce lag. I have already implemented culling to each box but I still want to optimize it more. What I have in mind is that I want to draw each box myself through code instead of the engine doing it. I plan on drawing the boxes if some circumstances are true but I am not sure how to override the engine rendering the boxes. I have my main class which extends SimpleApplication and everything is created and updated there. If someone could lead me to the solution that’d be great. Thanks!

a) you definitely do not want to “draw them yourself”. It will be no faster (possibly even slower) and be nothing but trouble.

b) block worlds are not made of blocks. There are about 4,325,636 posts (I’m guessing) about block worlds on here if you look around. Some have even released source code.

c) what you are looking for is batching… once you’ve figured out the “block worlds are not made of blocks” part. (hint: visible quads)