Custom terrain help

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I am kinda newb in jme, but I have a pretty good knowledge in java (2 years of coding) and I am currently starting a game in jme that is a voxel based city builder (not cubes, a smooth and nice landscape) and I was wondering how I could make a custom map type, based on custum noise functions, specifying the height at certain points (like a heightmap). I do not want to use a texture, I just want to generate the mesh, and then apply some other leveling on it, based on mathematical functions. How would I need to proceed to make a multiple detail map, and enable collision detection(if not applied on meshes automatically), and if possible make collision detect only on triangles in the 10x bounding sphere of the actors.

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Here you go, start with this one:
Then look at the other tutorials, theโ€™ll answer most of the questions.

ok many thanks :slight_smile: