Cutscenes and animation

I'm am interested in porting a Flash based animation over to JME to get access to 3d spiffyness.  Obviously I lose all my tools for creating the animation on screen and more importantly, synching audio with the animation and the ability to jump around in the timeline.  Does anyone know of a cutscene type animation system that I could port to JME or if someone has done work in this area already?

ehm…maybe export the swf as avi ?

I need the scene to be somewhat dynamic since there will be user interaction.  Someone suggested using the Blender game tools to set up the level and animations which sounds like it might work (I was thinking along the lines of a 3DS Max plugin).  The problem would be getting that into a format I can feed jME with.  Is a cutscene editor on the radar for MonkeyWorld3d?

not what you ask for, but related

i know this is an old post, just want to know if there is any update about how to insert cutscenes  in jME game? and also… to make character dialogs as in RPG game :stuck_out_tongue: hope there are somebody who already worked on this