CVS Issues

I am very noo(b) with CVS, so if there is something I am doing wrong let me know…

I had no problem getting JME to my home computer previously. However here at work, a project came up that I decided I may use JME for and so I went through the process of getting things installed here, since previously this workstation did not even have a Java IDE installed, but to make a long story short, when I use WINcvs. or a command line cvs to try to connect to It keeps bombing, I suspect a port issue. I can simply bring a CD from home with all the files I need, but I really need to get a leg up on looking at things here today, and I wonder, does anyone know of an alternative source for downloading everything? Using CVS was nice when I used it before(at home) because it pulled everything so easily, including lwjgl etc.

Am I overlooking something obvious here? cvs uses port 2401 from what i can see, and to get that port open would be a pain in the arse.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

Follow the link to the nightly packages on the main page. There's a source only package available too.