DAE Importer?


I’m looking for a DAE Importer for my Apps. I’ve found on this forum many topics dealing with a class : DAEImporter. These topics are from 2009 - 2010… No more DAE Loader for Jme3? I’ve found this :
but I think I don’t understand everything. I’ve looking for a DAE Importer in my Apps, not just on the SDK.
Maybe I must catch jme2 sources?

Sorry for my bad level in English, and I’m a begginer in 3D :slight_smile:
I’m sorry if the topic already exist, but I didn’t found it (or don’t understand it)

Thx !

(I need to import a DAE File ou SKP file, from Sketchup. Users make a Sketchup project then they export it in Collada and my Apps will import this Collada file.)

Everything except blender,obj and orge.xml was dropped, as in jme2 most of the importers were a crappy bunch of shit.
The 3 in jme3 are working however.

So you have two options
-> use one of those three,
-> or write a own importer.

Thx for your answer :slight_smile:

Obj is a solution, but I currently use j3d for obj in my Apps, but it’s very slow, too heavy… and when I’ve too much faces : crash. With jme3, this works better?

Thx thx a lot for your answer, I’m a bit stressed :slight_smile: My boss asks for a viewer on jme3 with .obj and .dae obj !

You can import DAE in the SDK, it uses blender to convert the file.

But my apps is for a client, it’s not possible to say to the client “You must install the SDK”

Maybe I’ve not understand everything… I don’t know !

(on each computer)

There is an old collada loader in the plugin update center but I don’t know if it still works, it always just supported basic meshes anyway, no animation, no textures, no nothing.

So I must use Empire Phoenix’s solution?

I just give you another option for research, I can’t decide what you have to do to get your problem solved.