Darkfrog departs

Hey guys. Now that there is new leadership at jME and new direction and the fact that I haven't really contributed anything for quite a while I have decided to officially leave the jME project.

This does not mean that I will abandon the JGN synchronization connector for jME or jME-Physics, but I may need to ask for community support of it in the future as things change.

I might check back in from time to time, but I'd ask that my Administrator/Developer privileges be revoked and I be bumped back down to a standard user. It's been a fun run and definitely have no intention of abandoning Java game development, so I'm sure most of you will still see me around.


(who will ban the spammer now?  :D)

There are new administrators now that will hopefully take that on:


After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I was one of the major spammers on this forum.  :stuck_out_tongue:

darkfrog said:

There are new administrators now that will hopefully take that [spam] on
Will be taken care of :)

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this project, but when I first signed up for an account just a few years back, I knew 'the darkfrog' was a major figure around here ;) I hope your departure does not have anything to do with a "non tech savvy" one coming in a bit suddenly to take on a fair share of responsibility. The last thing I want my involvement with jME to look like is a sudden 'take-over'.

I hope your spam doesn't stop entirely ;D

Was great having you around, I hope its not the "takeover" that made you leave though  :|

With 4k posts you've done a great deal to the jme community  :P