Dead Forum Badges?

I decided to take a look at some badges on this lovely forum, and I saw that some badges had very little members, nearly no-one! One example of this is the ‘Licenced’ badge, when you complete the ‘advanced tutorial’ for the forums. There was only 2 people who had it, and one was me.

It confused me that there are some badges like this that have so little people who had it, I got curious. I mean, I’m most definitely not one of you older members, I just joined last year, I don’t know what happened on this site. I’m curious if one of you older members can explain me why some badges on this site don’t have many achievers. Thanks :smile:

Well those are all default from discourse (our forum software) and speaking for me I was never prompted a tutorial to complete and/or I dismissed it :smiley:

But since I had my account before this forum was setup that might be the reason I never saw a tutorial

So maybe the older members weren’t notified of a tutorial to do, ending into them not doing it, but now it does tell the newer members.

Or maybe nobody knew HOW to do it. :thinking:

Or maybe nobody wants to talk with a stupid robot: @discobot

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Personally, the badges don’t mean much to me.

Useful badges would be java export, open GL expert, etc… which would be hard to do automatically.

Upvotes are more important to me to gauge a particular user.

Edit: and actually, I feel like upvotes used to be more visible once upon a time.

I agree with you on this point. but what he means, is that people don’t care about tutorials or guidelines. I think that they are necessary, at least for new users .

JME tutorials or forum tutorials?

I don’t care how proficient people are with the forum software as long as they’ve read how to post code blocks.

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…which by the way, probably isn’t in any tutorials as you have to read the sticky.

It is a pretty good gauge of the quality of the poster, though… since the first thing I do with any new coding forum I join is look for how to post code blocks.

JME tutorial, you will need to read them if you want to understand anything on this forum or even to be on this forum.
Forum tutorial, are necessary, like you said for improving the response quality.

Yes, but is that what the badge is for? If so then how does it know?

Else the badge isn’t really useful I guess.

It’s just a badge It’s not a diplomat it’s not necessary. the point is to know how to use the forum as better as you can

Maybe this will help.

Yes, I just don’t know what that has to do with the forum badge.

Edit: but to be honest, I have no idea what the forum badge is doing or for, etc… so maybe I’m totally wrong and it makes you take a test to prove you know how to post code blocks the way we like and enter Java code to prove you did the JME tutotirals. I think probably not.

Nothing, just thought you had a point about code blocks so I added it.

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Badges are actually useful to encourage user to achieve some goal that can be verified automatically.

Not really… when a question is posted on the “java” or “opengl” or “lemur” category, and has an “accepted” answer, then the poster of the answer gets some points (and possibly extra points for the upvotes).

But not sure if Discourse support all of this out of the box.

Probably by counting the number of likes on each category for example if the user took a lot of likes in the physics category then he will be physics expert or something like that.

Wouldn’t it be good to see all these achievements (badges) and what a user needs to do in order to get one? I mean, since this is some kind of gamification (to me), the players should know the rules of this game. On the other hand, it’s kind of funny to get surprised every now and then about a new badge popping up. ^^

I mean, some badges have a description on what to do to get it, but others like ‘Leader’ doesn’t really describe HOW to get it, more so WHAT you get out of it.

Ah, just found it: [jMonkeyEngine Hub]

So, nevermind, thing exists already… :slight_smile:

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