[dead] Nifty GUI Editor

This project won’t be developed any further

Project purpose: build as much ui as possible without xml.

License: MIT

Current version: ngeditor.zip

Source code: in the jars of ^

It isn’t the best one could carve out from the visual UI editor field but i really need a nifty editor, so i slapped it together as fast as i could. It will be finished tomorrow (need to add context menus and write the IO interface).


Looks great!

Not to detract, but wasn't there one being worked on for jMP already?

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i built this because i need a visual editor for the game at hand. I don't know what's the state of the JMP one, when that will be ready I'll use that one.

That was fast! void will be proud

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i've been waiting for this software ever since Nifty GUI was integrated into JME

looks great!

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Hey there! That's pretty awesome! :-o

Nice work! :smiley:

Normen and you should talk about getting this into jMP eventually. As I've understood it, the Nifty-Editor in jMP is supposed to look a lot like your editor! :slight_smile:

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Test video


Added zip distribution link in the first post.

Sources are in the jar files.

I didn't included jme3 in the zip to keep the size small.

To run, put the jme3 jar files in the "lib" subfolder of the unpacked zip, java -jar ngeditor.jar and cross fingers.

It's a preview, i'll add more widgets/features/bug fixes as the work progresses. If you would like to see a feature added, ask.

The interaction is: try to click with left/right mouse button and see what happens.

Regarding a JMP version of the tool, a straigth conversion can be done in less than an hour (keep the jmp xml editor, remove the gui panel, create the scene manager, add two topcomponents in the palette/navigator regions and the game is over), the problem is that before to think about that (= to bother normen whining about how much i hate the nb platform while he tries to grasp my babbling) i have to test a lot of different ways to do things and choose what appears to be more feasible.

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I can’t edit the first post, so i’ll use this as the update-screen.

Version 0.0.1

+first version, framework and basics

Version 0.0.2 (current, linked in the first post)

+screen palette item (add a new screen to the root of the document)

+checkbox palette item (has some interaction problems, i have to check why)

+tree expands on latest item

+property table, added a list of predefined names to the editor

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Problem with a proper jMP integration is that I’d like to see the main GUI editor of jMP a bit more integrated into the platform. This editor basically mimics the functionality built into the NetBeans Platform / jMP like a node/tree view, a palette and a properties view. So when starting this plugin these windows are “doubled” and that does not make a very good user experience :confused:

So I guess this editor would be more of a reference for the internal Nifty editor but still we can try and make it a plugin in the contrib repo soon…



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Hi guys i pick up this project , because i think i could be very useful ! so tell me if you like it! here is the URL http://niftyguieditor.altervista.org/?doing_wp_cron=1347608540.8892130851745605468750 there’s also a video to explain the main features :slight_smile: . I put sooner online the jar file and also te code stay tuned! . :slight_smile:


That’s great. It would be very useful, but, did you consider making a SDK plugin? (I know we say that a lot).

This integrated with the SDK instead of a stand alone app, would be awesome.

OK, I’ve done something similar in the past. :stuck_out_tongue: Forget about that because it was a big mesh but I would help if you need. It used XAM API of Netbean!

To integrate into SDK is not a pain, it’s pretty simple and straight forward because we have a good base from the official NiftyViewer.

Now I saw you have a goodway to drag and drop things. It’s nifty indeed. Let me find my code and show it here, then we can discuss or coporate

Thank you guys i’m glad that you like it! About the integration yes I had already thought but there’s some problems. First of all i’ve never make a plug-in so i’m not sure how to do that , but maybe i can work with atomix ! :slight_smile: then Nifty-Editor is written using slick2d not JME sdk because it was designed to be a stand alone application ( to support an other project http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/jada-dev/ sorry is not in english) and JME SDK it was too heavy/complex for only render the gui! does it make problems ? lastly i’m open for other suggestion/helps ( thank you atomix i’m wating for your code ) !

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Today i was testing somenthing and i decide to rewrite the render class using JME SDK because it seems that Slick2d don t release focus when you click on it. So stay tuned for updates!! :smiley:

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Very cool to see that a 2 year old project can serve as a starting ground for a new contributor. Once you have another update to show, feel free to start a new thread that you can keep updated with the latest details of your project.

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New post : http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/nifty-gui-editor/

DOWNLOAD nifty-editor : http://niftyguieditor.altervista.org/downloads/