Debugger is stepping to wrong location?

For some reason, when I am stepping into the construction of an object (after hitting a breakpoint), the debugger is taking me to the wrong location. I created a 2.5 min video demonstrating the problem. The video is available here: [video]- YouTube. Any ideas?

Maybe post/search this on the NetBeans issue tracker. We really don’t have control over any line of code in the debugger. And none of the developers here use debuggers.

Sorry, it’s actually my brother’s video. (He’s not sure either.)

I’ll try that. What version of Netbeans is this using?


I created the bug report here:

Just curious… When was the last time the NetBeans core was upgraded in jMonkeyEngine?

Well, with NB 7.3.1…

And btw, I told you to look for the bug first, not straight away post it in their bug tracker and then even say I told you to.

FYI, I spent about two hours trying to track down the problem before I posted in their bug tracker or on this forum. If you watched the video, you would have seen the reference to a somewhat similar bug in the NetBeans bug tracker.

Yeah, sorry, I am old and like to get my information from reading, not from sitting down and watching a video, waiting for the information.

Thanks for the apology. (I forgive you.) I completely understand. My colleague is exactly the same way.

Has jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0 always used the same version of NetBeans?


I think something might be leaking memory handles. When I restart the IDE, the problem goes away until I run the debugger enough times and the strange behavior begins to appear. Not sure what else would cause that.

@normen, I’m wondering if this problem was solved by a more recent version of NetBeans that includes native support for running JUnit tests. What would be involved in upgrading? (If this will solve the problem, I’m willing to help with the migration and potentially take the lead.)

The base is updated with major releases (3.0, 3.1, 3.2) It cannot be updated through the update center. And our version supports unit tests natively as well.