Debugging jme on android from the sdk

How to debug your android jme application using the sdk:

Not required: adding android:debuggable=“true” to the application tag in the android manifest.

So you don’t waste your time like I did:
When attaching the debugger from netbeans, make sure you insert “localhost” and not your desktop ip address or it’s name.

The application will take a couple seconds to start and will lag a lot, but will allow you to debug it with all the bells and wissles, from inside the sdk. Probably works fine using eclipse and so on too.

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Debugging can spam the netbeans output panel atrociously, at least when targeting android.
Ctrl-g allows us to filter the output.
Just in case there’s another idiot out there suffering through the spam ^^.
Since currently I use System.err, I filter on “W/System.err” and only get my stuff.