(December 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I’m not sure if anyone had done the thread yet but I would like to show how much progress I’ve done in the past month! :slight_smile:

Town System

Let’s talk about the town system.In the video above I’ve shown a player can claim a certain territory.
After the claim , he should be able to build his own little house.

Right now it is bugged and the player can only request to claim a territory again instead. But in the near future this bug should be corrected!

Farming & Gathering

In the past week I did some correction to the tile base vegetation and corrected the way gathering was done. I had to adjust the spawning of the resources, how the server control the vegetation and how a player gain experience and resources.

I will be working on a farming system linked with the town system. Once a player as claim a territory he will be able to create a farming zone and start planting seed!


Npc are part of the game already, they can’t move nor attack a player and the players can’t interact with them at the moment. I had to take a pause during the process since I had to correct the terrain tiles base system to simplify the path finding algorithm.
Lot’s of Optimization!

One of the major work was put in optimizing the game. I put a lot of work in making the game faster and more complex at the same time. I still have a lot of work to do, but over all I am quite proud of it!

Btw: you can help me by upvoting me on Lost World Windows, Mac, Linux, Android game - Indie DB


Hey @n3cr0, really cool stuff here! I am looking forward for new videos and news about your game. :+1:

As a tip of mine: In order to improve the atmosphere in your game, I would add some simple forest ambient sounds. :slight_smile:

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yea i know, I’ve started to work with the sound system, then i left the job half done haha… I wanted to add Mining and wood cutting sound but i forgot to finish the job and went to optimize the game instead!

I will work on the gameplay a lot more from now on and make the game way more enjoyable.

I Also have to finish the website registration system so people will be able to register and to log in game!

Thank you for the support and feedback! :slight_smile:

Looks great. Obviously this is early stuff, but on the off chance you haven’t thought about it you might consider adding in an ambient light or fill light, the back sides of those trees look awfully dark in in the bright midday sun.

I know you re right, there is 2 shadows and it cause the following issue. The lightshader use for the tree create it own shadow and the tree generate a second shadow by it self.

I can’t really add more light power else it create too much light. I will probably need to reduce the light generated by the sun. and adjust the ambient light a little higher.

I’m trying to create some kind of atmosphere. Something exceptional for a forest.

Yeah outdoor scenes are tough with all the detail and such. Looks like you’re off to a good start, I’m sure you’ll get the lighting figured out. A lot of times things don’t really come together until much later.

I know when I’m using Blender often times I think something looks just terrible right up until the end when it all comes together. All sorts of little seemingly insignificant details make all the difference.

Looks great. Maybe I’d add a light scattering filter.

Creating a tiled scene (still working on lights and grass)


Haha yea, normaly i keep my blender model to the minimum since i m not of an artist my self. So i never draw/bake any normal/paralax/specular

I’m not a big fan of the light scatering, It’s quite gpu consuming and look extremely fake. Even the AAA game look bad with it. I tend to turn it off so my view isn’t obstructed by it :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice scene :smiley: I love cliff :slight_smile:

Just an untold amount of lights being fired at a scene. I don’t even know how many lights, but far too many for me to care.


Turns out texturing the ground is a real pain =/ …

2 different PBR approaches :

zoomed in :



Closer views of the scene, with the normals of the grass finally working! :smile:

Still working on lights effect like shadows, ambient occlussion etc.


I added item frames into Spoxel so you can easily display items. It took some work to allow blocks to display secondary effects.

I also began working on the new design for one of the dungeons in Spoxel.


Nice, how different is it from jme’s current lighting system? Also do you plan on releasing this eventually/merging, or is this for a specific project custom made?

Currently gathering algorithms to create random roguelike maps.


Generated with [Cellular automaton algorithm] (Cave Generation Using Cellular Automata)


Generated with a dungeon generation algorithm used in Java roguelike Tyrant


There are a lot of maze algorithm, this is generate tree.

Still looking for algorithms who can generate town, forest, islands and so on. I want to see more types of dungeon like this:


I ve almost finish to add the new HUD :smiley:
Animated Health bar, Mana and Xp.
Animation vary on the use Texture!

BTW: if anyone know how fix the jumping character physic, let me know please.


In the midst of an unscheduled-but-well-needed contract-funding-related vacation so I’m working on Mythruna. Adding some debug app state stuff to it to track down physics issues:

Here was see spamming all of the contacts to figure out why I go bouncing down a hall when I jump. So far I don’t see any offending contacts but I need to turn off depth test to be sure.

…problem could be somewhere else, though.

Anyway, progress is progress.


You know that mythruna was the reason of me using Jmonkey in the first place. It was a really good exemple.


Thanks. It’s nice to get time to work on it again.

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Paul the debug app state ( on top right of screen) is different from StatsAppState of jme , may i ask which debug appstate you are using exactly ? is it available in JME ?