(December 2022) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Kicking this off since November seems to live on…

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately, inspired by my son’s fascination for marble run videos; A marble run maker.


Very cool!

Is it open-source?

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Thanks! Sorry, no, it won’t be open source. I hope to get a store presence up soon, but it will still be a while until it’s ready for the public.

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Can you tell us about how it’s implemented?

I can certainly do that, but I’ll create a separate topic for it, so as to not clutter the screenshot thread. I just need some time.


My first house!!

Just capturing a lovely day/night scenery by adding a few houses and trees on the island;)


Working on hooking up sword/tool swinging animation to mouse input. I have left-right animation hooked up to input and still need to do up/down. This animation is already tweened between a high-swing and a low-swing so in principle it’s already working.



Adding a new feature to my procedural terrain painter stuff. It looks for buildings and splats underneath with stone.

I am not good at hand painting terrain and I am trying to help myself by delegating the process to code as much as possible;)
It turns out that the result is satisfying so far, but I need to try it on a larger map to see how it will look.


This is a great idea. Funny enough, I am also working on a terrain tool for personal use.
For now I am able to generate terrain, paint texture layers, paint grass and next up is painting trees and such.

And here you can see where I edit the terrain.


what library are you using for the UI?

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I am using my own. It is a library I have made years ago. It just makes my life easier when I need cross platform simple UI’s. I used it in all my mobile games as well.

You are welcome to use it.


Here is another screenshot of what my terrain tool can do.


Okay okay, what can I say, I am now full steam working on this editor.
What I have done now is to have the ability to paint grass on the terrain and have the ability to modify the terrain and the grass/vegetation.
Also have the ability to change the sky parameters. Currently the sky is just a sphere with a shader which has a top and bottom color. The colors will have a linear interpolation between them.
See screenshot of progress so far:


How difficult will it be to extend or limit? i would be in need for an ingame level editor at some point

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Well, I am building this editor to have the ability to assemble a scene/world in a game.
I am saving everything in the normal j3o format.
Currently it supports the following:

  1. Terrain tool:
    This include terrain creation of the following types(Flat terrain, Island terrain, Midpoint terrain, Image based terrain)
    The terrains can have a size of 256, 512 or 1024 in size.
    A terrain can have one of 3 types of materials. (Paintable material, Height based material or PBR paintable material)
    Terrain modification include (Raise/lower tool, Flatten tool, Smooth tool)
    Then I have added 3 layers for grass which is all on its own batchnode. (More layers to come such as rocks and trees, etc)
    The vegetation/grass layers are all paintable onto terrain as well as removable. Also note that the terrain can be modified after vegetation is painted and each vegetation geometry will be modified along the height of the terrain in real time.

  2. Water/ocean tool:
    This tool allows you to add a Water filter to the scene and one can modify it to once needs.

  3. Sky and environment light tool:
    The sky tool has a lot outstanding but for now I have added normal sky sphere with a linear material which you can edit.
    Lighting is setup as follow. 1 ambient light, 1 directional light and 1 light probe.

  4. Saving and loading scenes

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Status on the experimenting I did with drag-to-control stuff to swing the tools/weapons around dynamically:


This type of animation feels like a great fit for vr :slight_smile:

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Happy holidays, seasons greetings, etc…

Spent a few minutes goofing off today and used the in-game object stuff to make a Christmas tree and some presents.


Happy holidays everyone! :christmas_tree:

Fixing bunch of JME bugs in the last few days took a bit of time. Now found some time to work on a forest painter layer in my terrain painter tool. It looks for forest trees and paints some foliage underneath.



Also, I am almost finished working on a terrain vegetation widget for my scene editor. I will provide some more screenshots soon.

By the way, If you need a Christmas tree let me know I can cut you one from the forest :wink:


Some early screenshots of my terrain vegetation widget I mentioned earlier.

I can add layers and specify the list of models (e.g. forest trees, jungle trees, flowers, mushrooms, rocks,…) that the spawner must use for that layer then configure the seed, density, position variation, rotation variation, scale variation, and lean variation.

For each layer, I paint the places on the map (with pink color) where vegetation can be spawned and save it to a different alpha texture. Using that alpha texture I generate a list of 2d grid cells that I can place objects there (height is read from terrain data). When spawning, it selects random cells based on the seed and density and checks if that cell is not occupied by another object, and then places the new object there.

Palm trees seem a bit off visually. Should they be on sand or grass? Or I should not use them at all?

Currently, I am not painting any texture underneath the palm trees. What do you think I should paint underneath them?