(December 2022) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Hi @Arifolth ,
A few days ago I noticed the pictures you posted on the forum, so I had a look at your project.

I have written a couple of examples that might help you improve processing time + an algorithm for planting trees in a simple and customizable way. Hope it helps.

Observation points:

  1. I did some testing on LODs and batching, and found some flaws in your code. I’ll show them to you asap.

  2. Class FractalTerrainGrid contains an almost identical copy of the TerrainGrid class with the addition of the isNeighbour method. I still don’t quite understand what this method does. Did you implement it yourself or did you see it somewhere? It seems to increase the visible portions of the terrain grid.

  3. Update the animation system to the latest version.

I moved the discussion to a dedicated thread.