Deployement with gradle-getdown-plugin

I released a gradle plugin to be able to distribute my jme application :

  • with jre (eg jre 1.8)
  • without jre but able to download the right jre to use (if current one is not right) without requesting installation of the jre
  • as archive (vs installer)

(to be jam friendly :wink: )

And bonus, to support update. Big part of thoses feature is provided by using getdown as “launcher”. (basic documentation available on github)

It’s a very early version, and I need help to tune and test (I don’t have mac osx)

PS: I’m uploading my first application (take time).


cool definitely trying it out someday

Last week-end I work on the plugin to release a new version : 0.3.2

  • fix bugs in windows launcher generation (.exe via launch4j or .vbs)
  • fix bug in customisation of files to add
  • favicon.ico can be generated from a set of png files : src/dist/shortcut-{16,32,64,128,256}.png
  • use shortcut-*.png for the getdown launcher
  • by default the generated app doesn’t try to used latest version :
    • ease local dev and test
    • allow to distribute generated bundles without deploying to an http server, like a regular app.
  • more doc
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Highjacking !! FYI for gradle user, you can use gradle-getdown-plugin for similar result (missing macosx bundle currently).

Thanks Normen

EDIT: this post was a reply to New desktop deployment for 3.1, before “move back” to this topic (moderation)

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Just that your plugin doesn’t work for OSX or Windows64 :stuck_out_tongue:

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It generates windows64 bundle. And it will generate OSX with your help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not on my watch :stuck_out_tongue:

When you feel like prefacing your post with “Hijacking!”, that’s when you should click the “Reply as linked Topic” instead :wink:

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But the exe is 32bit

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Any update on that? Sorry for bump this topic, but just wonder if Mac OSX and windows 64 is working now (I guess not as the last update on the githup is 2 years old).

EDIT: Ok meanwhile I had a look on the github and Mac OSX is still deactivated. Any plans then?

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