Depthris [Release]

Not yet, but I plan to in the future. I need to get myself one first :slight_smile:

I can give it a try if you want.

I have a Deck. Let me know if you need help with testing.

@xuan @iamcreasy thanks for your offer. I am considering it after this release. I have two jobs besides this so I am slow in the progress…

well back to some stuff…

I did not know how nice the steam overlay UI can appear in the game.

I just have an AppState than handles everything Steam related and so far it works great


Depthis has now been released on Steam :slight_smile:

I managed to add leaderboards support. No DRM:

  • If Steam is online… you have access to online leaderboards.
  • If Steam is offline (not opened): you have local leaderboards (type your name)

I wanted to add Steam Input support but Steamworks4j does not support yet, it so I am forking it to add that in the future


Nice job. congratulations on the shipped project milestone!

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Well done. This is a fantastic milestone.