Detecting Oculus Hardware

Hey guys,

I’m having a little bit of trouble when running my project with the Oculus connected.
In fact, the only way it ran properly was when SteamVR was running on the background…

Is there any way I can detect if the Oculus Rift is connected using the Oculus SDK or the OpenVR?

PS: as I’m using jME working with Java, the OpenVR lib is a little bit out of hand 'cause it’s written in C++.

Seen this project?

It’ll handle the boiler plate for you

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Yeah, I know the jMonkeyVR project.

In fact, the same thing happens when I try to run the demo from the project.
The demo opens normally, but doesn’t detect the Oculus hardware unless SteamVR is running on the background.
Plus, I wasn’t able to find anything on the demo source code that allows me to tell my program to run without SteamVR and detect the hardware automatically…

well i guess @phr00t can help maybe.

OpenVR requires SteamVR. OpenVR is just the API that talks with SteamVR. SteamVR handles managing the hardware.

So there is no way I can make my software run with the Oculus hardware without having SteamVR running on the background?

Atm, no. And that is perhaps the biggest reason for getting native OSVR support. I recently started developing on it again, and can now read out pose data. Having some problems with the display stuff, though.

Edit: Maybe (a big maybe). If you’re desperate for not running SteamVR maybe you could get the old Oculus Rift plugin
working, but you would probably need to install a downgrader for your Oculus runtime. I had one for 0.7 to 0.5, maybe there still are ways to do that.

well… when I was using it, there was jovr… didn’t need steamVR.
But maybe it was only working for Oculus Rift?

Yeah, that’s the ‘old’ plugin I’m talking about. The new one is steam only. Also, jovr stopped updating at 0.5 or something when they made some big SDK changes. Good thing is that both steamVR and OSVR have plugins for most other HMD’s.