Dev. Observer candidates

I have the following people who I'm proposing to make part of the "architecture review board" aka Dev Observer:

From NCsoft:

Doug Daniels ("dougnukem") - Software Engineer using jME on a daily basis

From Three Rings:

Andrzej Kapolka ("ey6es") - Java engineer, has had a lot of experience with jME on Bang!Howdy

From Gamalocus:

Emanuel Greisen ("Oak") - programmer, using jME on Call of the Kings.

From Sun: (folks from Project Wonderland, most with extensive experience architecting Java3D, Ph.D.'s etc.)

Deron Johnson ("deronj")

Paul Byrne ("paulby")

Doug Twilleager ("yensid")

From Nasa Ames Intelligent Robotics Group: (Using jME on the Nasa Viz project – more Ph.D.'s, years of scenegraph experience, etc.)

Mark B. Allan ("mallan")

Lawrence J. Edwards ("marsviz")

Leslie Keely (n/a)

Any objections, thoughts?

Sounds great…you have a +1 from me. :wink: