Developer = Moderator?

I noticed to be moderator on a part of the forum (e.g. developers corner). Is this intentional or should it be nowhere/everywhere?

Especially for removing those nasty spam posts it would probably be good.

Developer's should have moderator access… not sure why you didn't before. I turned on even more… maybe one of those switches were the magic one.

Captcha and no-write for guests sounds fine with me.

Yeah, I deleted two today and one yesterday…  Are there still any up?

moderator or not(and what comes with that), being able to delete posts as irrisor says would be really great…it really lowers the forum polish with all those viagra spam posts etc…

i vote for those two things too…(and hope that you two have the energy to keep noticing/deleting the manual spam)

I agree…if nowhere else in "Off-Topic" where most of the spam gets put.

All these forum ads are reaching an epidemic, I had to switch on user validation on my forum because I was getting at least two spam posts a day.

Ugh, I missed the 6-7 more in the german thread.  Those are gone now too.

I vote for removing guest posting AND installing so bots can not sign up.  I think our forums are important enough of a feature for jME that people will go through the very small trouble of signing up.  We may still get some spam if people manually take the trouble to do it, but we should be able to delete those…  (kind'a like how we have to delete every 3rd darkfrog posting…  Oh wait, did I type that?)  :wink:

If you simply disable guest posting and enabled "Member Activation" in SMF it should be fine.  It just makes them enter a valid e-mail address to receive a confirmation link they have to click to activate their account.

That's what I've done on my forum and I haven't gotten a single spam post since.  However, I have been getting lots of spammers creating account and never activating.  Perhaps the mod is a better way. :-p

kind'a like how we have to delete every 3rd darkfrog posting...  Oh wait, did I type that?

If it weren't true I'd be tempted to take offense at such a remark. 

Nope, still cannot delete posts on Offtopic.

confirmed - even non-darkfrog developers cannot delete in the "german" thread and there is some spam again  :-o

Good to know…I figured I had a special flag beside my name anyway…it at least tells me that "real" developers also don't have access. 

I installed that in my forum and it doesn't seem to be working for me…

Hm, it's not possible to use a Captcha for still allowing guest posts? Many people like them (me too). It seems most of the spam we get is already from user accounts, not guest posts… (silly spammers)

In case you're upgrading to one of the RC 1.1 versions of SMF for these features, I think many here would appriciate this module:

For now, guest posting is off.  Captcha would not install on SMF 1.0.8.  All of the german thread spam was guest posting.  We can evaluate and move from here.

This captcha mod works fine on my SMF 1.0.8. Is it the same? What problem did you have?

edit: including captcha protected guest posts :slight_smile:

irrisor said:

This captcha mod works fine on my SMF 1.0.8. Is it the same? What problem did you have?

edit: including captcha protected guest posts :)

I tried installing that exact mod and got versioning errors.  Specifically:

The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.

we need this badly now…it's increasing…i'd say remove guest posting and add e-mail validation…better not have any spamming than have a super-easy registration…

I'll have to side with Mr.Coder there, I think that's the way we should go if we can't install the captcha mod.

Strange enough - I have downloaded it and it was uploading fine via the admin interface. Did you do that (sending it from local filesystem via browser)? If not maybe it's worth trying that. If that also does not work some people on the SMF boards posted they were only successful with installing it manually . . .

Would have liked to move a topic again… if you make me admin for a short time I can try to adjust the developers rights for all the boards, if you like…