Different renderer without reinventing the wheel

Hi to everyone,

I want to tweak the default Viewer of JME in order to display object on screen that can be easily rotated and zoomed with mouse. To be more explicit, I would like to pass from the default “avatar-that-moves-in-a-3d-world” behaviour to a standard openGL viewer. These are my two questions:

  1. Does my idea makes sense? It’s possibile to realize?
  2. Does JME provides something like this by default?

    I want to avoid reinventing the (squared) wheel.

    Thanks in advance,



define standard openGL viewer

(Also this is more about the cam not the renderer)

But yes basically as long as you can calculate somehow where the cam should be and where it should be looking it can be done.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

Essentially i would like to:

  1. Don’t have the mouse be captured by the viewer but be able to use it for rotating models
  2. (optional) be able to dynamically resize the viewer window

    And i’m wondering if there exists already some apis that can help me.



The first is very possible bt I don’t remeber where to change that behaviour.

2. It is limited possible as the render reinitializes every time (wich means a lag) but basically it works, yes. (Probably you have to make some system to only resize it once the windows resizing stopped and not resize the render every pixel the window is resized.)

Thanks for the answers.

If you’ll remember the solution for the point 1, just let me know :slight_smile:



Just disable the flyCam control and when you want to change the resolution use the appsettings.