Digitaltutors Free CG Tutorials

Hi Friends
Recently I watched some good tutorials and thought to share them with you.(Hope You Like !)
Here you will find tutorials about Computer Graphic which are software independents . You will become familiar with concepts and technique in CG in least time. After I watching them I get to know lots of techniques in Modeling. (Almost all of them exist in Blender).
I recommend these to watch for sure :

  • CG101: Animation
  • CG101: Modeling
  • CG101: Rigging
  • CG101: Texturing
  • CG101: Lighting
  • CG101: Rendering

You need to create an account beforehand to be able to watch them .
The good thing is that each lesson is about in 2 minute.

I hope you also like them .


they have unity3d as well :blush:

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