Display character names in scene


I want to display a player character’s name above or below the avatar, as it is found in many multiplayer games.

My approach is using a node which holds the player character’s model and another spatial. The 2nd spatial would hold the text displaying the character’s name.

My question now is what object I can use to attach a text with transparent background to that 2nd spatial?

Search for Billboard, there are several threads on this. Also check the Contribution/User Code and Projects forums. I remember several people coming up with different solutions.

The very basic way to do this is with a billboard control.

The billboard control makes it face the camera.

But I’m looking for a way to attach a text.

That would be a BitmapText that you put into the Gui bit bucket. As I said, search the forums. There’s several ways to do this depending on your needs.

This might be off-topic but is there a site somewhere where I might obtain .fnt files?

You can make them in JMP. I think the help talks about how.

You can also use the AngelCode utility: BMFont - AngelCode.com