Distribution Packaging on OSX

So since I’ve started beta testing on Steam packing my builds has become an issue. I originally started using launch4j, but I switched to packr because it was easier to get all 3 os builds out. This has caused a host of other issues that have come up with testing though.

Specifically, JME doesn’t close cleanly with packr on osx. At first, based on what I was reading, I thought it was an issue with lwjgl. I attempted to switch to lwjgl 3, but it was causing a hard crash of the graphics driver on osx so I have no idea if that would work or not.

Has anyone else used packr on osx? If not, what are you guys using to distribute and package builds? I can’t use the sdk to export builds because of how my project is setup (and it doesn’t work well with the ci I use).

I use the SDK to distribute Maud.

I use gradle with the javafx-gradle-plugin

I don’t support OS X (yet).

The SDK uses launch4j though if I’m not mistaken

I use javafxpackager to build native bundles for win/Linux/macos

The latest implementation I did in the SDK uses the javafx packager stubs, not launch4j.

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Hmm… i’ll have to try the Javafx packager and see how it does for osx.