Does it worth to learn/use JME?

Hello guys!

This is my first post here.

First of all i have to say that i am really really new to 3D game programming. In about 2-3 years i'm gonna present my dissertation and i would like to develope a car simulator or something like that.

Now i am in the process of discovering, investigating, studying all about 3D programming, engines, tools and so on, more theory than practice.

Untill now, i don't know which "technology" i should use to achieve the app i mentioned.

I have found some engines like Ogre3D, irrlicht, JME, i have found XNA, and other stuff that people use to develope Video Games.

I would like to develope an application that can run on different platforms like Windows, Linux and so on, that's why i think i would like to use Java and of course JME over Ogre3D and XNA for example. But i'm not sure about it is worth to learn JME, and that's the answer i'd like to get from you.

From every point of view, does it worth to learn and use JME in a 3d Application over other technologies like Ogre3D or XNA?

Ok, i know i am in a JME forum, but i know many of you have lot of experience in this world and could give me an opinion/advice objectively about what i have posted.

Well this is all for now.

Thanks in advance for reading my post guys.

PD: excuse for my english since it's not my first language.

No… the developers here just throw together useless code for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I switched from Irrlicht to jME, because developing with C++ is much slower than with Java:

  • you can not destroy your stackframe
  • garbage collection
  • usefull stable library and containers
  • no header-files
  • packages = folders
  • working code completion with Ecplise (Intelli Sense su***)
  • script integrations (e.g. Lua) doesn't need wrappers

    I can recommend jME. The engine is solid, has all basic features and some fancy stuff.

    Scenegraph, Rendering Sound, Particles, Physics… is working fine.

    There is a cool car-physics-example in the jMEPhysics project, which could serve as a base for your game

    Oh and compared to XNA and Ogre jME is much easier to use.

    Write down your game idea and than think about what you need to realize it. Than choose the technology.

    I would recommend to prototype your game idea as a mod of an already existing game.

    Modding is even faster than developing in Java or Python, because you have the basic solid polished gameplay and content.

    After 1-3 weeks of modding you will now if your idea is good enough to spend more time.

    ( Another good thing about modding is, that you will also get valuable insights, how you can do things in your own game. )


Hi JackNeil!

Thanks for your answer, i'll take your opinion, i'll give JME a try.


Besides, the community here is much better than the communities at Ogre and XNA  :wink:

Plus: I don't think you can call XNA a 3D engine. Its more like a class library.