Does Minie IK system supports twist bones?

Hi @sgold

I have recently learned about twist bones in the Auto Rig Pro Blender addon:

I’m curious to know if the Minie DAC IK system supports twist bones for hands/feet?


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I believe that, provided DAC is properly configured, twist bones will work. For example, the Puppet model (included in MinieExamples sub-project) has twist bones in its arms.

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Cool, going to look at it.

Is there a limitation on the number of twist bones per limb?

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None that I know of. Performance limitations, I imagine.

It’s important to distinguish between the bones/joints in the animated model, and the subset of those that are linked in the DAC ragdoll. Linked bones have much more performance impact than model bones/joints. Also, if I recall correctly, DAC requires at least one mesh vertex per linked bone. If your model’s hand is broken down into 100 bones, you’ll probably want to treat them as a single bone for physics purposes.

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