Does my phone meet the requirements necessary to run jMonkeyEngine 3?

Basic requirement

OS Version: Android 2.3
Graphics card: OpenGL 2 support

Where do I find these specifications?

Start by finding your phone on one of these websites:

These will at least tell you your OS, though this is something you can find in the settings of your phone as well.

Most important however is the OpenGL 2 support, as most of jME3’s shader features rely on this. Try this site:

Find your phone in the list, e.g. Google Nexus S. From there, click on “GL Environment”, and you should see the “GL_VERSION” at the top of that page. In the case of the Google Nexus S, it says “OpenGL ES 2.0”. You’re good to go!

If you can’t find your phone on GLbenchmark, start googling. We need all the testers we can get, but we can only support phones (i.e. testers) that meet these base requirements.


thanks for the info

I have just run this

which indicates my phone has OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

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i even replied to this xD, dam my bad memory, thx for the bump.

Edit: Apparently the odds of you not having a OpenGL ES 2.0 phone are very slim xD, dam my luck.