Does Nitfy gui html text converter support the > and < symbols?

Hi guys,

I have a question for mr void256.

Does your html converter support the < and > signs in string texts?

So far as I have tested, it doesn’t support:

‘& #62;’ ‘& #60;’

‘& #62;’

‘& #60;’

& lt;

& gt;

(I added spaces here so I don’t get the < and > symbols)

I am using the nifty-html-1.3.1 jar version.

Can you provide any details about it?

Best regards

Nifty uses the project to parse HTML. And as it turns out translating HTML-entities is an optional step that the Nifty HTML module did not perform.

I’ve fixed that now. See this commit for details:

Thanks for the hint :wink:

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