Doing input in StandardGame

I recently moved over from  SimpleGame to standard game and I can't get input to work. I just started programming pretty recently and i'm afraid this is way over my head. None of the examples are working for me.

I can't get InputHandler to work at all. Is there anyone that could give me a sample of how to implement a simple game that simply move a box?

Also, the game I'm trying to implement needs to have a cursor that fluidly leaves the window and goes back into it easily. Would that be hard to implement?

Take a look at TestControls (package jmetest.input.controls) it moves a Box in StandardGame.

you can call MouseInput.get().setCursorVisible(true); to make the mouse cursor visible, and have it leave the window.

It worked, thanks!

I'll attach the edited code in case someone needs it.

GameControlManager manager = new GameControlManager();
          GameControl forward = manager.addControl("Forward");
          forward.addBinding(new KeyboardBinding(KeyInput.KEY_W));
          GameControl backward = manager.addControl("Backward");
          backward.addBinding(new KeyboardBinding(KeyInput.KEY_S));
          GameControl left = manager.addControl("Move Left");
          left.addBinding(new KeyboardBinding(KeyInput.KEY_A));
          GameControl right = manager.addControl("Move Right");
          right.addBinding(new KeyboardBinding(KeyInput.KEY_D));
          ThrottleController VerticalThrottle = new ThrottleController(model, forward, 10.0f, backward, -10.0f, 0, 10.0f, 1.0f, true, Axis.Y);
          ThrottleController HorizThrottle = new ThrottleController(model, left, 10.0f, right, -10.0f, 0, 10.0f, 1.0f, true, Axis.X);

So simple and concise…doesn't it just make you want to cry tears of joy? :wink: