Donate an md3 model?

I'm removing the Lara Croft md3 model from jME's repo (too many possibilities for trouble there.)  It would be nice if we still had a model to show off md3 functionality with though, so if anyone here can donate one free and clear that would be great (you must own the rights to it and be willing to let anyone use your model under the same spirit as the jME license.)

i am so bored that i would gladlly fire up blender and make something, but it would be so ugly that you wouldn't want it in the end…  :frowning:

Man are you often bored!  XD

Hey Sasa, you know a good md3 exporter for Blender ? I have Blender v2.44

There is one available script on the net but it's quite limited  ://.

In fact, I'd like to try to suggest a model. Maybe could I export it as a 3ds model and anyone else could export it as a md3 from 3dsmax ?

3ds exporter from blender doesn’t support animation ( bones ).

try this out there’s a link to the exporter there.

You are free to use a model from our game Nord if you wish. You can find an animated MD3, a texture and a list of keys for different animations here.

The model is of a horse.

Yay!  Now we can have a horse to play with in jME! :slight_smile:

Great, I'll try it out here in a sec.

Thanks marqx, it's perfect.  :slight_smile:

No worries! It's nice to be able to help out with at least someting small considering how much we have benefited from the jME community.

Now if we could just get a monkey model that would ride the horse…that would really be the ultimate.  :stuck_out_tongue:

or get a frog that gets squashed under the horse…

thanks marqx! (go sweden, go sweden!)

MrCoder said:

or get a frog that gets squashed under the horse...

That's just ludicrous. Anyone who knows anything knows that horses are afraid of frogs....sorta like elephants and mice.  :P