Donations for the project

Hi! Why don’t you make a donation for JME project?

Blender is a good template for JME I think. They have donation link for core devs at their site. Also, non core devs start some projects for implementing it into blender and they ask some donation for suporting their work.

Blender site (core devs):

Some templates of blender projects (non core devs):

jahka particles: Particle textures reincarnated

Would you like to make such a thing for your project?

Sorry, at present there is no donation link at blender official site… but it was.

The thing about donations is the following: We only sometimes need money (for models, web design templates etc.) but we constantly need help. When we start to accept money w/o a direct purpose people would be lead to think that that is enough “help” for jME3 development but in fact none of the core devs could invest more time just because theres money. So the simple fact is we don’t need money as much as monkeys :wink:



ok, i get you :).

normen said:
So the simple fact is we don't need money as much as monkeys ;)

Maybe we could add a "Donate a monkey" button....

You guys 're hilarious … Wish that we have a button named “Donate bananas” or “Save Our Monkeys”

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atomix said:
"Donate bananas"

Awesome, I think I'll use that when we start a small round of donations soon to cover the costs of the new server hardware. Thanks! ;)