Don't Panic! [42] or [SOLVED] Wiki homepage giving 502 Bad Gateway (reprint: 10.12.2015)

The wiki website is giving 502 Bad Gateway error since over 4h :persevere:
What’s going on? :}

Best regards,
your Eskay :}

It’s been reported to the web guy, hold tight.

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Nobody here is nervous.
N O B O D Y :scream:

Will keep my feets calm down :blush:

I think we should mark these topics as [SOLVED] and advice the people: “don’t panic and don’t forget your towel” :chimpanzee_wink:

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… just don’t listen to any Vogon poetry…

It would be great if topics had the option to add some pre-created tags/flags like this one instead of editing the title and adding it by hand (not so obvious for many users).

Where is the panik button or just give me a 42 and all things go fine :3