Don't see Android SDK for the Jmonkey IDE

According to the android setup guide:
Android Setup Guide

First you must download the Android SDK for the Jmonkey IDE.

When I go there, it says to download Android Studio, which seems to be a full IDE of its own, not a plugin to something else.

What am I missing?

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You need install android studio (with anroid sdk)
create cross platform project
create file under your project root
sdk.dir=“path to android sdk”

I installed Android Studio.

When you say “create cross platform project”, I assume that is in the JME IDE. I don’t see that option. Here is a screenshot of my New Project dialog:

I am Using SDK version 3.5 since that is the latest stable release.

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desctop wih android

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That seemed to work. I have a project with lots of stuff in it. Now, I gotta figure out what to do next! Thanks!

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At the very bottom of the page, there is the " Command line tools only" which includes the Android SDK tools without Android Studio.